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Gorgeous 1920’s Tri-Layered Silk Robe

Gorgeous 1920’s Tri-Layered Silk Robe


She. Is. Beautiful.

A bit of a wounded bird, but with a little TLC, she’ll be ready to take you out. The colors are top shelf! I mean come on?!? This is 20’s at its most delicious. Normally they are one -two layers, but this gal has a cotton 3rd layer, giving it more weight. The fist is silk crepe, then the cotton filling and a bright spring grass green tissue silk lining. There are some holes, the hem needs re-doing, there’s frayed edges, and the lining is questionable in places. Selling her as is with all of it in mind. She presents beautifully even with her booboos. OSFM ..39 length.

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