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Edwardian Navy Wool Jacket

Edwardian Navy Wool Jacket


Bought this many years ago… wore her one million times! She is the jacket that all designers and inspiration buyers used for getting their creative juices flowing. Big props to her, for remaining in such beautiful condition all these years. Her lining is shot tho. Done cakes.

Her body is solid, strong and beautiful. A few snacks were had by a moth…

She’s small in frame, shoulders and armscythe, so ya gotta be petite to wear comfortably. Fits me like a glove and I’m a 5 ft 4, 34 small b cup with a 27 under boob.

Her flat meashys are 15.5 shoulder, 32-34 bust, 30 waist, 7.5 armscythe, 13 bicep, 23.5 sleeve length, 26.5 length.

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