Edwardian Beaded Bag

Edwardian Beaded Bag


In the late 19th century, beaded bags became wildly popular. With more new found independence, women needed a way to carry their personal possessions around with them. Also..handmade bags showed off a lady’s talent and skill set to other women AND potential husbands! Oh how times have changed…can you imagine landing your dream dude because he liked the craftmanship of your beaded purse? This gorgeous little lady just might grab the attention of a card shark! With her spade design and rich jewel tone beads...plus don’t forget that ornate silver hardware frame! Her handle has some missing seeds but that can be easily replaced if you felt like it. I realized she looks like a hungry baby bird when she is opened up! Ready to eat your lipstick, cash, credit card and face mask. Sadly her appetite isn’t big enough for an iPhone. I am selling this beauty for a friend..her nanna is in an assisted living facility and it’s her job to liquidate her belongings to help pay for care. So… the sale of this bag is going to a good cause. Take her home and totally impress all the gentlemen in your life! (don’t hold your breath)


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