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Eastern Germany Women's Workwear Overalls

Eastern Germany Women's Workwear Overalls


1949-1950's ladie's East Germany communist workwear overalls. Made in a city that is old AF! 1200AD.... coming from a SO CAL gal...I get ecited when a city is from the 20's! 

These were made in Pritzwalk...there's  a fashion meseum located there, inside of an old castle. I wanna go!

Someone had added a bit of worn out elastic to make the straps longer...but it can easily be removed and sewn back to her original state. Her straps are adjustable to 3 diff lengths, she has a 2 button hidden fly, inside hip pocket, 1 sided hip button closure, and a reversed inside bib pocket.

The funny thing is that I reversed one of the bib pockets on my old sears overalls....because I always wear them out pickng and my wallet doesn't fall out as easy when I'm bending over.

There are no flaws that I can find. SUPER SUPER soft and worn cotton, not stiff at all. Dreamy actually. Free bust, 32 waist, 40 hip, 17 shoulder to waist, 30.5 inseam, 12.5 rise, 22 thigh, 14 cuff, 59 length.  What a rare and wonderful find xoxoxox

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