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Chainmaille Halter Mini Dress

Chainmaille Halter Mini Dress


Chainmaille mini halter dress.

In medieval times, this metal structure was used to protect knights, higher soldiers and nobles. If you ranked lower than that… you were SOL, bc of how time consuming and expensive it was to manufacture.

While this is quite SEXY… it also made me so cold that my Reynards kicked in and I had to take a hot bath immediately!😂👵🏼

If you run hot, she will make you feel even hotter. If you run cold, you’ll be freezing at first and then the metal warms up.

Not sure where you would wear something like this? In my life, I could go to the post office, grocery store or the construction site. So clearly she needs a more exciting owner. Someone that can show her a good time!

Medium weight, heavy drape, fits a variety of sizes. Not perfectly linked…has a few jagged lines but no real damage. It’s not noticeable and I’m pretty sure that’s not what people will be looking at!

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