'70s Leather Patchwork Skirt

'70s Leather Patchwork Skirt


Well hello, there you unicorn of a skirt!!! Custom-made 1970s leather patchwork “windowpane” maxi skirt. Made in the heart of Silver Lake across the street from my old brick-and-mortar shop! What an absolute treat it was for me, to find such a thing… 3718 Sunset Blvd. The boutique was called Alune and that’s all I know about it at the moment…BUT I love to research and dive down just about any rabbit hole I can…I hope to know more soon. I am quite excited about her vibrant color story and sturdy construction. All leather varied shapes with little sneaky novelty bits like a sun with rays and a tree, all mixed up in her patchwork. Lace-up front with tongue and mini skirt length cotton lining inside. Laced up as small as she goes her waist is a 26-27 but you could squeak out a bit more room if not tied up as tight. Hips are a 41" flat and length is approx 39" long. No rips or damage but she does have some storage dirt…a professional leather cleaner would spiff it up nicely if you are not a fan of patina. Takes this OOAK Southern California creation home.


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