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'20s Beach Pajama Bottoms

'20s Beach Pajama Bottoms


Rare! Not to be believed! Have you ever seen this print?? My gosh, when I found them...I literally squealed with delight! 1920’s style beach pajama pants in fine silk charmeuse with WIDE sweepinglegs. In the 1960’s, they were altered...the waist was taken in, but it could be let out for an extra 1-2 inches of room. Her snaps were also replaced with a nylon zipper. She is in beautiful condition with only a few scattered honey spots (see asparagus pic). I have not treated, cleaned or tried to remove them in any way. I do not see any holes or damage. Truly one of a kind and definitely show stoppers!


  • 25" true waist with room to grow
  • 44" hip
  • 17" rise
  • 20" sweep
  • 39" length
  • 23" inseam
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