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2019 Grace Coddington Catogram bounce-off

2019 Grace Coddington Catogram bounce-off


From the 2019 collaboration of Louis Vuitton and Grace Coddington… her own drawings of her beloved cats and the two dogs of fashion designer, Nicolas Ghesquière. This bounce-off is in the rare orange and white color way. One of the best bounce-offs I’ve seen. 💯 silk with bound buttons. 38 bust, 15 shoulder, 25 sleeve length, 9 armscythe, 26 length, 39 waist. The line made bags and accessories … like the NEVERFULL in this color story, but not clothing.

The Original is made on warm Mexican cocoa silk with white piping around pockets and edges, it has iconic monogrammed coated canvas buttons and retails USED for over 3 thousand dollars!! Used I tell ya!

To know that this is a bounce-off… you’d have to see the inside tag, have color way knowledge and understand placement of the trunk. The drawings are exact and it’s made well. Very soft, light and easy to tuck/layer. Clean and flawless, RTW.

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