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1930’s Chambray Overalls

1930’s Chambray Overalls


I thought I’d never sell them, bc they are just so fabulous… but the older I get, the more they don’t feel like me anymore. So it’s time to let them find a new owner that will flip out over them like I once did!!!

Beautiful condition no holes or damage…a bit dirty on the hem but I have not laundered them in quite some time. I did replace the zipper bc the old one was sticky with verdigris. … and I took in the straps a bit … but that can easily be returned back to normal. 34 bust, 26–28 Max waist , 42 hip, 12 armscythe, 14–16

shoulder to waist, 26 inseam, 53 length. They look so absolutely adorable on!! I’m def gonna have a difficult time saying goodbye to these holy grail bbs. I can’t wait for someone to love them tho♥️

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