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1928 John Held Jr. Silk Scarf

1928 John Held Jr. Silk Scarf

$150.00 Regular Price
$97.50Sale Price

You don’t see them in the wild…pretty much only in museums. America’s most famous 1920’s magazine illustrator, John Held Jr. Known for his cartoon depictions of high society folks doing things like dancing, driving, playing sports and other activities of that era. His work is absolutely iconic! Born in 1889 and died at 69 years old in 1958 from throat cancer. Married 4 times. His HS buddy, Harold Ross ( creator of THE NEWYORKER) played a big role in his popularity and visibility. It was said that his influence could pull a magazine out of trouble just by printing his work. In the Great Depression he lost much of his fortune to a fraud scheme lead by Ivar Krueger. There’s SO much to know about this artist, illustrator, author, cartoonist, printmaker, etc. Look him up and enjoy the rabbit hole of information:)

This silk scarf is obviously not perfect with stains and holes, so I’m selling with that in mind. 9x46

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