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1920’s Pongee Silk Beach Jumpsuit

1920’s Pongee Silk Beach Jumpsuit


It’s unusual to find pongee in a jumpsuit! But here you have it :)

Simple design with small floral details like trim and tiny hip pocket. 13 shoulder, 36 bust, 32-34 waist, 46 hip, 9 armscythe, 15 shoulder to waist, 30 thigh, 22 inseam, 15 rise, 52 length. Best for a modern small. She has a separated decorative pant leg seam, a small crotch popped seam, a stretch mark hole in crotch and a pen swipe. All can be treated in some manner. Part of the beauty in these antique pieces, is the patina they developed over the last 100 years. I do not consider this jumpsuit to be badly damaged, she’s very wearable.

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